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It has been fifteen years since Active Webdezign opened its doors and modem connection to the world of the Internet. Being a web design company based in London, we were fortunate enough to have clients come to us for our services right from the word go. Admittedly, we did start off with minimal technical expertise and, as you can imagine, this was a steep learning curve for everyone embarking on this new communications phenomenon.


At the time, way back in ’99, there were not many programmers with enough experience in London to design websites or code them as required; in fact this was a very specialised and sparse skill that was only just beginning to emerge in the London web design arena. For this reason we had little option but to use some external services, predominately in India, and overseas development at the time was one avenue that could be explored to deliver fairly priced systems with enough functionality for the client’s needs.

Cheap is often more expensive

Of course, our needs were soon to exceed the skills and capabilities that outsourced companies could offer, due to their lack of expertise and the mentality many companies had with keeping up with the emerging trends and technologies. Being the perfectionists that we are and striving to be at the forefront of web design, we found this all very frustrating. Once we started to find quality issues, a general lack of communication and understanding from our suppliers and an overall laissez faire attitude to how we wanted to move forward, we decided it was unacceptable for ourselves and our clients.

Design in London by Londoners

Inevitably we made the decision to produce all our website developments exclusively in-house at our London web design headquarters taking up new larger offices along with highly skilled permanent staff. This has proven to be a great success as the majority of our clients return to us to upgrade or change the “look and feel” of their sites and, we are happy to say, regularly recommend us to their contacts. It just proves that when you deliver a quality service you will be remembered.

Designing websites in-house was the best way to ensure our future growth. We like to think that our web design services in London may be the most cost effective way you can choose to take your business on-line. Trying to save money by outsourcing to an offshore facility is definitely a false economy and as they say, cheap is expensive. We have had many clients come to us after a failed offshore development over the years and it usually means biting the bullet, waving goodbye to their money and starting again from scratch.

Don’t fall into this trap, develop and design your website in London with a long established and proven London based web design company. That’s us.

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