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UI designers London UX Design in London: A New Level of Digital Experience
There is a vibrant world of UX designers in London. As a leading digital agency in London, we’d like to always stay at the forefront of creating innovative digital experiences that are not only functional and technically seamless but also aesthetically pleasing. The Rise of UX Design Agencies in London London has always been a city that embraces innovation and creativity. More and more UK businesses are recognising the importance of user experience in the success of their digital platforms. As a result, UX design agencies in London are growing...
Digital Experience
Website Traffic Boost 5 Small Website Changes for a Big Traffic Boost 
Microinteractions are subtle animations or feedback mechanisms that enhance user experience.  In 2024, these can be simple but impactful. Consider adding a progress bar during form submissions, subtle hover effects on buttons, or smooth scrolling animations. These small touches make your website feel more polished and engaging, keeping users interested. Voice search is exploding in popularity. Ensure your website content incorporates natural language and long-tail keywords relevant to your services.  Think about the questions your ideal clients might ask using voice search and tailor your content accordingly. Whitespace (empty space)...
Digital Experience
e-commerce website Greenwich Mean Accuracy: How We Keep Your London E-commerce website Ticking 24/7
London’s a city that thrives on precision. Just like the unwavering hand of the Greenwich clock, your e-commerce website needs to be just as dependable, operating flawlessly 24/7. Here at Active Webdezgin, we understand the critical role uptime plays in your success. That’s why we leverage a multi-layered approach using cutting-edge technologies to ensure your online store remains constantly accessible to your London customers. Behind the Scenes: Technologies Preventing Downtime for Our Clients Our commitment to zero downtime extends beyond wishful thinking. We utilise a robust combination of technologies to...
Digital Experience
Beauty and wellness Industry Web Development in London The London Beauty and Wellness Boom: How Web Development is Shaping the Industry
London, the heart of fashion and trends, is also home to a vibrant and ever-evolving beauty and wellness industry. In today’s digital age, a strong online presence is no longer just an option, it’s a necessity for any beauty and wellness business to thrive. This is where web development comes in, playing a crucial role in bridging the gap between stunning aesthetics and seamless online customer experiences. The Power of Pixels in the Beauty and Wellness Business: Imagine a client effortlessly browsing treatments, products, booking appointments, and managing their off-line...
Digital Experience
Google Google Page Experience: New Algorithm
Google is always coming up with new ideas and updates. This time it’s about the new Page Experience algorithm update that was launched in mid-June and started playing its full role at the end of August. Are you prepared? First of all, what is the page experience update? Based on the article Google posted on Thursday 28 May 2020 The page experience signal measures aspects of how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page. Optimizing for these factors makes the web more delightful for users across all...
SEO Optimization Tips Top ten SEO tips
Since we are always asked about SEO whenever we have a new website being built for a client, I thought we could share some top tips on what you can do which wont cost you anything and are simple to follow.

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