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Mouktaris & Co. are a leading chartered accountancy firm who are based in North West London. Active Webdezign work across a broad range of industries which includes the professional service sector. From the first instance that we sat down to discuss the objectives of this project, it was clear that the client had already thought this out in great detail and had come prepared with all the copy and a good vision of the site map intended. Having clients that are well prepared is always a good sign of things to come and as predicted the job went very smoothly, which was completed and launched within just a matter of a few weeks.

The primary reason for any accountant taking to the web is to show their profile and level of expertise along with helpful content for their existing clients. This shows that they are making an effort to educate and support their customers. With the latest post budget tax changes, to the recent GDPR laws that have been introduced, Mouktaris and co were quick on the ball to reflect the changes on their website. With an easy to use WordPress content management system, neither did they need us or they did not even need to call for any help. With a WordPress content management, its easy to pick up how it works within a couple of hours that we spend to hand over. Being a very intuitive system, WordPress offers the world to small to medium sized business’s who cannot afford the big ticket process that their competitors may be able to afford. Wether you are a large corporate PLC or a small startup, we can offer a solution that suits your particular needs and budget.

In the 20 years that Webdezign has been trading, we have seen many companies fall to the way side just because they failed to engage with their clients and potential audiences online. The importance of a professional web presence now is more important than it ever was and our clients have realised the potential in most cases upgrading or re-vamping their websites on a regular basis. The majority of companies now see the internet as their primary marketing platform, when only a few years ago TV and Newspapers where the outlet of choice and took up the largest percentages of any marketing budget. With the rise of online now established and growing exponentially day to day, no company can avoid not having a solid online strategy from your local plumber to your favourite airline, they are all reliant on what we have been doing for over 19 years, which is not just building a website, but building a website that will keep the viewer engaged and bring them value to their online campaign.

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