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Our client is an international jewellery manufacturer supplying to trade only clients. The latest Magento 2 system supports an unlimited amount of products and has a very high level of functionality for businesses like Optima Jewellery who have a large network of buyers who they are aiming to make ordering online via their jewellery eCommerce enabled website, easy for. The challenge of having various discount levels depending on the client and customisation options for engraving and other finishes was also a major part of the specification. Users can customise and add items to their order which is then directly sent through to their factory for processing saving time and staff time for Optima Jewellery.

Being a B to B business we also had to take into account website security and payment gateway security whilst making it easy for users to browse products and place order quickly and efficiently. Our client had previously commissioned a Magento with us over six years ago which had Arabic as a second language as at that time they where doing more business in the Middle East than in the Europe or USA. Developing a jewellery eCommerce website design with an additional language such as Arabic that is read from right to left was itself a major challenge that we managed to deliver and deliver well. International language enabled websites are becoming more common now days and clients are becoming more aware of the global market that is accessible through the Internet in this day and age.

The client’s were very happy with the end result and are in the process of signing up all their clients and promoting the jewellery eCommerce order system that we have produced for them. This will become a key ordering platform for this company which should increase their sales considerably in the days and months to come. Ultimately this type of project is becoming common place for manufacturers as well as retailers growing online business’s exponentially year on year.

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