Free ecommerce template using HTML5 and CSS3 animations

News 10-Jan-2012 39 SECONDS

Christmas is over but I thought we at web design company London, would give away a little something even though it is mid January. I’ve created an Ecommerce website design template in HTML5 and implemented quite a few CSS3 animations. Included is both the original CSS and an un-minified version, the PSD that creates the sprite. It includes 6 web templates, homepage, product grid, main product view, view basket, login, shipping information. Feel free to browse the online demos:

Homepage - Ecommerce template
Product grid - Ecommerce template
Main product view - Ecommerce template

View basket - Ecommerce template
Login - Ecommerce template
Shipping information - Ecommerce template

For now there is only support for IE8 and up. I might revisit this and add more backwards web compatibility in the future. If you have any questions, want to report a bug or showcase where you have used the template, please leave a comment.

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