Is your WordPress website GDPR compliant?

News 22-May-2018 2 MINUTES, 21 SECONDS

In recent days there has been a lot of stir in the online community in particular WordPress, to do with the new GDPR privacy law which is coming into affect on the 25th of May 2018. Owners of WordPress websites are urged to take action to be compliant before this date.

So what exactly do you need to do to make my WordPress compliant with the new GDPR laws?

  1. Ensure that your WordPress has been updated to the latest version, which has some new functions built in to support the recent changes in the law.
  2. Update your privacy policy page to include the latest requirements. Be sure to include a line stating that a user can request all of their personal data be removed/updated or a copy of what you hold on record a copy of which can be requested.
  3. Install a Cookie Policy pop up notice and connect it to your newly updated privacy policy page.
  4. Where possible, email all your existing users and give them the opportunity to opt out from any further marketing emails.

Additionally, there is a document that has been prepared by ICO (information commissioners office) which has an easy to follow 12 step guide which you can download a copy of from

Webdezign is also working with clients on updating their GDPR policies across their eCommerce platforms including Magento 1 and 2 which has had a all new plugin developed to handle the requirements for online shopping which is more complex than just a static WordPress website which only has a simple contact form. To comply with the latest online shopping privacy laws its a bit more involved as the user has to have the option to delete, amend or request all information held about them at any time. The paid for plugin and the integration work involved as well as writing a new privacy policy statement  and updating the terms and conditions in most cases should also now be available on these websites.

Should you require help identifying and implementing these GDPR changes, Active Webdezign and the team are well up to scratch on this and can help you implement the required changes. Weather you are just a sole trader or a large corporate, action must be taken to avoid any potential fines. So don’t delay, contact us today to discuss or to help you with your updates. Mike (who can be emailed directly at will be more than happy to discuss any concerns you may have with no obligation to have any upgrade work performed. Indeed, we have taken the steps to update all our clients websites to the latest version of WordPress at no additional cost to ensure that all our clients are running the most up to date and compliant version of their WordPress, so half the battle is done.

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